23- 25 Aprile 2023  

Equipped with my Ricoh GR3 camera, I took a short trip to Turin, starting from Treviso, Italy, practically a coast-to-coast.
I really like taking pictures with the Ricoh, the camera is very minimal, but this doesn't mean that emotions are lacking and the results, apart from the photographer, which is me, are often exceptional.
There's not much to say about the settings I've adopted, it's a way of photographing that lately is very close to me: center-weighted exposure, automatic or zonal focus (Snapfocus calls it Ricoh), aperture priority, almost always at f/ 8, and I just think about the shot and the composition. And then with a very light editing with Lightroom and the RNI presets, to give coherence to the shots, and so I get the maximum result with the minimum cost, as they say here

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